Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Second half 2013 - oy

This blog went silent for a very long time as I felt OBE - overtaken by events in my life.  As with most writers, the muse often leaves the building.  And I am not the best at self-discipline, or should I say I use what self-discipline I have in other areas.  My practical WASP nature, work first, hobbies (like my writing) later and sometimes never.

Short version, I listed and sold the house I'd shared with my Dad, where I'd lived for 11 years.  I'd lived in that general area since 1996.  I had lots of furnishings to downsize and spent loads of time trying to sell them.  I tried to buy a manufactured home close to the beach, but it needed so much work, I backed out of the deal.  I moved from North Inland San Diego county to North Coastal San Diego, and while the blog has been dark, I've crafted a new life for myself.  I only moved 30 miles, but it was a pretty big change for this old girl.

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