Friday, July 15, 2016

Going coastal and sometimes postal...2014

The move from inland to the coast at the end of 2013 was all the more stressful due to a brief and failed romantic involvement with "a friend" of almost four years.  He was the son of one of my senior companion clients - a lovely upbeat and active woman, whom I met when she was 99. 

Call me crazy for not seeing that one coming.  I was so distracted by my downsizing, home sale and moving I was not thinking clearly.  Relationships later in life are surely possible if both partners make a huge effort to get through the inevitable conflicts and obstacles, but that's where "possible" devolves into quite a bit of risk.

Fast forward through the upheaval of my move, the unwelcome blur of the holidays and on to the New Year 2014 - I was in a new environment, just far enough that I had to reestablish all my connections - where to get gas, get my hair cut, change doctor and dentist, where to shop, work out etc.  I met a few women friends - always my saving grace - and they gave me a warm welcome.

I learned my new neighborhood by getting lost, which seems kind of symbolic of life in general at times.  I'd go into a strip mall for an errand, and get lost on the way out, since I wasn't familiar with all the streets and how to end up where I wanted to go!  I learned my way to my favorite beaches to walk and look at the waves.  I signed up for some classes at the local community college, joined a gym and made some inquiries into a couple of organizations and volunteer projects of interest.  That's the advice they give to seniors, yes?  Stay busy?  Works for me.

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