Friday, November 06, 2020

COVID Diaries Chapter Four

After several months of sourcing hard-to-find materials from the Big Box stores' websites and lining up my installers, I managed to accomplish two small home repairs.  Both were outdoors.  

I re-carpeted my carport/patio which was years overdue.  The labor was so expensive, I probably should have gone with tile, but it's done.  Looks much better.  How it will hold up, we shall see.  The carport is covered but gets wet in major windy storms.  The installer carelessly damaged a small area and I kept my cool but was disappointed that he did not take responsibility for it.  I made a huge effort to be reasonable and civil towards him and his helper. I had an experience where someone lost their sh*t with me over a small matter of no consequence so I really tried to remember what a difficult time this is for everyone.  Working on my karma I guess.

The second project was simple, but like any repair job, never easy.  My townhome was built in 1985 and the landscape in the common area original.  My HOA no longer provides plant material and my gardening days are over.  All I wanted was rocks to cover the bare dirt where old shrubs had been removed.

Again, materials were sold out or delayed.  I finally lined up a guy on our condo landscape crew who does side work.  He did an excellent job, including re-routing a large irrigation pipe that I didn't anticipate needing to do.  Some people would have done something more elaborate, and me too in my younger days.  I'm very pleased with the results - simple and cleaned up.

The "fake rocks" on the border were sold out at Home Desperate.  I paid twice the price to get them on amazon, and felt lucky to get them.  I had a few from years ago, but needed a border on the sides of my unit's portion of the common area.  They don't call homes "money pits" for nothing.  Two more updates done.

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